Install Powerpipe


Install Powerpipe: macOS

We recommend installing Homebrew which provides pre-built binaries for Mac.
STEP 1: Install Powerpipe
~$ brew install turbot/tap/powerpipe
STEP 2: Version check
~$ powerpipe -v
Powerpipe v0.3.1
STEP 3: Follow our getting started guide to run (or build) your first dashboard!
STEP 4: Help yourself and explore the CLI
~$ powerpipe help
Powerpipe: Dashboards for DevOps.
Visualize cloud configurations. Assess security posture against a
massive library of benchmarks. Build custom dashboards with code.
Common commands:
# Install a mod from the hub -
powerpipe mod init
powerpipe mod install
# View dashboards at http://localhost:9033
powerpipe server
# List and run benchmarks in the terminal
powerpipe benchmark list
powerpipe benchmark run aws_compliance.benchmark.cis_v140
Documentation available at
powerpipe [--version] [--help] COMMAND [args] [flags]
powerpipe [command]
Available Commands:
benchmark List, view, and run Powerpipe benchmarks
control List, view, and run Powerpipe controls
dashboard List, view, and run Powerpipe dashboards in batch mode
help Help about any command
login Login to Turbot Pipes
mod Powerpipe mod management
query List, view, and run Powerpipe queries
server Start Powerpipe dashboard server
variable Manage Powerpipe variables in the current mod and its direct dependents
--config-path string Colon separated list of paths to search for workspace files, in order of decreasing precedence
-h, --help help for powerpipe
--install-dir string Path to the installation directory (default "/Users/chandrashekharv/.powerpipe")
--mod-location string Path to the workspace working directory (default "/Users/chandrashekharv/Documents/turbot/")
-v, --version version for powerpipe
--workspace string Sets the Powerpipe workspace profile (default "default")
Use "powerpipe [command] --help" for more information about a command.

How do you update Powerpipe?

UPDATE STEP 1: Update Powerpipe
~$ brew upgrade turbot/tap/powerpipe

Homebrew core vs turbot/tap?

Our recommended source for latest releases is the turbot/tap repository, which is kept up to date automatically.

Want more control over the install process?

Powerpipe is also available as a binary executable (or you can build from source). To manually install Powerpipe, unzip the executable and move it to a directory included in your system's PATH. You can access the source, zipped executables and binary checksums from the releases section of the Powerpipe Github repo.