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Visualize cloud configurations. Assess security posture against a massive library of benchmarks. Build custom dashboards with code.
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  • We turned to Steampipe to present a unified view, as our migration control tower.
    Profile pic
    François de Metz
    Software Developer
  • Trivial to connect live cloud configuration data with internal or external data sets & create security or compliance dashboards
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    Thoughtworks Radar
  • Steampipe dashboards are perfect for us. We can easily build a proof-of-concept, then iterate in real-time.
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    Ellis Valentiner
    Lead Data Scientist - Virtual Facility
  • Asset inventory dashboards help us understand our cloud environment better and make our environment more efficient.
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    Cobalt pentester
  • Its so easy to represent your desired data.
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    Stephen Jones
    Cloud Delivery Architect
  • Solves the context-switching problem, no more back and forth between tools.
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    Deepak Patil
    DevOps Associate
  • Powerful way to analyze your cloud infrastructure with flexibility to customize views and track compliance across multi-cloud.
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    Vishal Gupta
    Senior Member of Technical Staff
  • Awesome project, team! Just this week I noticed the dashboard feature which is so damn cool.
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    Seth Art
    Cloud Penetration Testing Lead
  • Shortly after discovering this, we quickly started assessing ~300 AWS accounts against the AWS Well Architected Framework Reliability Pillar.
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    Ciaran Finnegan
    Practice Lead, Cyber Security
  • One of my favorite AWS security tools. Its super convenient.
    Profile pic
    Abhay Bhargav
    Founder & CEO of we45
  • Got seduced by this gem!
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    Mostefa Brougui
    Sr. Security Engineer
  • Was able to build a pretty nifty tool set and use this for the visualization.
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    Paul Stagner
    Software Engineer
  • There's all sorts of security use cases for this , and it's all OSS.
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    Jamie Finnigan
    Product security @hashicorp
  • Very easy to install and use, it not only provides reports but also interactive dashboards.
    Profile pic
    Charles Guebels
    Cloud Engineering Expert @ ARHS Developments
  • It's like an is an open source Cloud Management Platform (CMP) for our org.
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    Ravish Tiwari
    Senior Cloud Architect


Dashboards & Visualization for DevOps Teams

CIS Benchmark


5,000+ open-source controls from CIS, NIST, PCI, HIPAA, FedRamp and more. Run instantly on your machine or as part of your deployment pipeline.
Relationship Diagram

Relationship Diagrams

The only dashboarding tool designed from the ground up to visualize DevOps data. Explore your cloud, understand relationships and drill down to the details.
VPC Summary


High level dashboards provide a quick management view. Reports highlight misconfigurations and attention areas. Filter, pivot and snapshot results.
Sankey Diagram

Code, not clicks

Our dashboards are code. Version controlled, composable, shareable, easy to edit - designed for the way you work. Join our open-source community!

How It Works

Get started building dashboards in <60sec.

Get inspired
Explore hundreds of open dashboards, benchmarks and examples on the Powerpipe Hub.
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Install mods locally
Manage your compliance and security benchmarks just like your code.
~ $ mkdir my-mods
~ $ cd my-mods
~/my-mods $ powerpipe mod install github.com/turbot/steampipe-mod-aws-thrifty
Installed 1 mod:
└── github.com/turbot/steampipe-mod-aws-thrifty@v0.27.0
Explore your Dashboards
Powerpipe will automatically convert your benchmark data into a beautiful, locally-hosted web UI for easy filtering and grouping.
Benchmark CLI
... or benchmark from the CLI
Test your connection and run benchmarks from the convenience of your CLI.
Benchmark CLI
Build dashboards as code
Build complex dashboards from simple components, using HCL-based code syntax that is familiar to DevOps Teams
Benchmark CLI
Manage your dashboards using standard git tooling, and share what you're building with our growing community.
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Dashboards for DevOps.
Visualize and assess your DevOps, SecOps and FinOps posture using the world's largest library of infrastructure as code benchmarks.
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Open source.
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Cloud. Free for developers!