Environment Variables

Powerpipe supports environment variables to allow you to change its default behavior. These are optional settings - You are not required to set any environment variables.

Powerpipe Environment Variables

PIPES_HOSTpipes.turbot.comSet the Turbot Pipes host, for connecting to Turbot Pipes workspace.
PIPES_INSTALL_DIR~/.pipesSet the installation directory for files used with Turbot Pipes, such as login tokens.
PIPES_TOKENSet the Turbot Pipes authentication token for connecting to Turbot Pipes workspace.
POWERPIPE_BENCHMARK_TIMEOUT0 (no timeout)Set the benchmark execution timeout, in seconds.
POWERPIPE_CONFIG_PATH.:$POWERPIPE_INSTALL_DIR/configSets the search path for configuration files. POWERPIPE_CONFIG_PATH accepts a colon-separated list of directories.
POWERPIPE_DASHBOARD_TIMEOUT0 (no timeout)Set the dashboard execution timeout, in seconds.
A database connection string or Turbot Pipes workspace to use as the default database. The default is a local Steampipe instance.
POWERPIPE_GIT_TOKENnoneSet a GitHub personal access token or application token to use when installing mods from Github.
POWERPIPE_INSTALL_DIR~/.powerpipeSet the installation directory for powerpipe. Internal powerpipe files will be written to this path.
POWERPIPE_LISTENnetworkSpecifies the IP addresses on which powerpipe server will listen for connections from clients. Currently supported values are local (localhost only) or network (all IP addresses).
POWERPIPE_LOG_LEVELoffSet the logging output level.
POWERPIPE_MAX_PARALLEL10Set the maximum number of parallel executions.
POWERPIPE_MEMORY_MAX_MB1024Set a soft memory limit for the powerpipe process.
POWERPIPE_MOD_LOCATIONcurrent working directorySet the workspace working directory.
POWERPIPE_PORT9033Specifies the TCP port on which powerpipe server will listen for connections from clients.
POWERPIPE_QUERY_TIMEOUT300Set the amount of time to wait for a query to complete before timing out, in seconds.
POWERPIPE_SNAPSHOT_LOCATIONThe Turbot Pipes user's personal workspaceSet the Turbot Pipes workspace or filesystem path for writing snapshots.
POWERPIPE_TELEMETRYinfoSet the level of telemetry data to collect and send.
POWERPIPE_UPDATE_CHECKtrueEnable/disable automatic update checking.
POWERPIPE_WORKSPACEdefaultSet the Powerpipe workspace . This can be named workspace from workspaces.ppc or a remote Powerpipe Cloud workspace.