powerpipe server

Run the Powerpipe server, including the dashboard server and the API. Powerpipe server runs in the foreground; Press Ctrl-C to exit.


powerpipe server


--dashboard-timeout intSet the dashboard execution timeout, in seconds. The default is 0 (no timeout).
--databaseSets the database that Powerpipe will connect to. This defaults to the local Steampipe database, but can be any PostgreSQL, MySQL, DuckDB, or SQLite database. See POWERPIPE_DATABASE for details.
--listen stringAccept connections from local (localhost only) or network (all interfaces / IP addresses) (default network).
--port intWeb server port (default 9033).
--var string=stringSpecify the value of a variable. Multiple --var arguments may be passed.
--var-file stringSpecify a .ppvar file containing variable values.
--watchWatch mod files for changes when running powerpipe server (default true).


Start Powerpipe in server mode:

powerpipe server

Start Powerpipe on port 9195

powerpipe server --port 9195

Start Powerpipe on localhost only

powerpipe server --listen local

Start Powerpipe using settings from a workspace

powerpipe server --workspace my_powerpipe_server

Start Powerpipe in server mode but turn off file watching:

powerpipe server --watch=false