powerpipe login

Log in to Turbot Pipes.

The Powerpipe CLI can interact with Turbot Pipes to run pipelines in a remote cloud instance. These capabilities require authenticating to Turbot Pipes. The powerpipe login command launches an interactive process for logging in and obtaining a temporary (30-day) token. The token is written to the PIPES_INSTALL_DIR and defaults to ~/.pipes/internal/{cloud host}.pptt.


powerpipe login


Argument Description
--pipes-host Sets the Turbot Pipes host used when connecting to Turbot Pipes workspaces. See PIPES_HOST for details.


Login to pipes.turbot.com:

powerpipe login

The powerpipe login command will launch your web browser to continue the login process. Verify the request.

After you have verified the request, the browser will display a verification code.

Paste the code into the CLI and hit enter to complete the login process:

$ powerpipe login
Verify login at https://pipes.turbot.com/login/token?r=tpttr_cdckfake6ap10t9dak0g_3u2k9hfake46g4o4wym7h8hw
Enter verification code: 745279
Login successful for user johnsmyth