Powerpipe CLI


powerpipe helpHelp about any command.
powerpipe loginLog in to Turbot Pipes.
powerpipe modPowerpipe mod management.
powerpipe benchmarkList, view, and run Powerpipe benchmarks.
powerpipe controlList and view Powerpipe controls.
powerpipe dashboardList and view Powerpipe dashboards.
powerpipe queryList and view Powerpipe queries.
powerpipe serverRun Powerpipe server, including triggers and integrations.
powerpipe variableList and view Powerpipe variables.

Global Flags

Flag Description
--config-path Sets the search path for configuration files. This argument accepts a colon-separated list of directories. All configuration files (*.ppc) will be loaded from each path, with decreasing precedence. The default is .:$POWERPIPE_INSTALL_DIR/config (.:~/.powerpipe/config). This allows you to manage your workspaces and credentials centrally in the ~/.powerpipe/config directory, but override them in the mod location if desired.
-h, --help Help for Powerpipe.
--install-dir Set the installation directory for Powerpipe. Internal Powerpipe files will be written to and read from this path. The default is ~/.powerpipe. By default, the configuration search path is also relative to this installation directory. See POWERPIPE_INSTALL_DIR for details.
--mod-location Sets the Powerpipe workspace working directory. If not specified, the workspace directory will be set to the current working directory. See POWERPIPE_MOD_LOCATION for details.
--output Select a console output format: pretty, plain, yaml or json (default pretty).
-v, --version Display Powerpipe version.
--workspace Sets the Powerpipe workspace profile. If not specified, the default workspace will be used if it exists. See POWERPIPE_WORKSPACE for details.