Create a Mod

Creating a mod is simple. First, create a directory for your mod.

mkdir powerpipe-mod-demo

Change to your mod directory and run powerpipe mod init to initial your mod:

cd powerpipe-mod-demo/
powerpipe mod init

The powerpipe mod init command will create a file called mod.pp that contains a mod resource for mod named local:

mod "local" {
title = "powerpipe-mod-demo"

You can use a text editor to modify the mod definition in this file to give your mod a name, title, description, and other properties.

mod "powerpipe_demo" {
title = "Powerpipe Demo"

Your mod is initialized! You can add dashboards, benchmarks and other resources to your mod using Powerpipe HCL. You can even use resources from other mods; explore the available mods on the Powerpipe Hub!