Powerpipe CLI v0.2.0 - Added timeout flags for benchmark and dashboard execution commands

April 26, 2024cli

Whats new

  • It is now possible to set a timeout for benchmark and dashboard execution. These can be set:
    • In the workspace using properties: dashboard_timeout and benchmark_timeout
    • Using the --dashboard-timeout flag for the dashboard run and server commands
    • Using the --benchmark-timeout flag for the benchmark run commands.
    • Using the environment variables POWERPIPE_DASHBOARD_TIMEOUT and POWERPIPE_BENCHMARK_TIMEOUT respectively. (#336)
  • Support installing private mods using a GitHub app token. (#381).
  • Improve the layout of filter and grouping components for control tags and dimensions. (#263)
  • Remove the dashboard input list and dashboard input show commands.
  • Add thousands separator to numeric values in dashboard tables. (#315)
  • Only show benchmark cards for statuses that are contained in the current filter and add status to filter on card click. (#322)

Bug fixes

  • When calling mod update, respect the argument (if any) and only update specified mods. (#331)
  • Fix mod update display of updates to transitive dependencies. (#288)