Powerpipe v0.1.0 - Dashboards for DevOps

March 6, 2024cli

Introducing Powerpipe - Dashboards for DevOps.

Benchmarks - 5,000+ open-source controls from CIS, NIST, PCI, HIPAA, FedRamp and more. Run instantly on your machine or as part of your deployment pipeline.

Relationship Diagrams - The only dashboarding tool designed from the ground up to visualize DevOps data. Explore your cloud,understand relationships and drill down to the details.

Dashboards & Reports - High level dashboards provide a quick management view. Reports highlight misconfigurations and attention areas. Filter, pivot and snapshot results.

Code, not clicks - Our dashboards are code. Version controlled, composable, shareable, easy to edit - designed for the way you work. Join our open-source community!

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