Powerpipe Mods - 52 new mods

March 6, 2024mod

We're thrilled to announce the release of 52 new Powerpipe mods, featuring pre-built dashboards and benchmarks for cloud inventory & insights, security & compliance, cost management and shift-left scanning. These include the 43 Steampipe mods to visualize AWS, Azure, GCP, GitHub, Terraform and more using Steampipe as the database. And 9 new, ready-to-use Powerpipe mods providing easy to learn examples to visualize data in Postgres, SQLite, DuckDB, and MySQL!

A full list of mods can be found in the Powerpipe Hub.

For more information on how you can get started incorporating these mods into your own custom dashboards and benchmarks, please see Introducing Powerpipe - Composable Mods.