Powerpipe supports the following Terraform-compatible HCL functions:

Numeric Functions

absReturns the absolute value of a number.
ceilReturns the smallest integer value greater than or equal to a given number.
floorReturns the largest integer value less than or equal to a given number.
logReturns the natural logarithm of a number.
maxReturns the maximum value from a list of numbers.
minReturns the minimum value from a list of numbers.
parseintParses a string as an integer.
powReturns the result of raising a number to the power of another.
signumReturns -1, 0, or 1 depending on the sign of a number.
sumReturns the sum of a list of numbers.

String Functions

chompRemoves trailing newline characters from a string.
endswithChecks if a string ends with a specified suffix.
formatFormats a string using printf-style formatting.
formatlistFormats a list of values into a string using printf-style formatting.
indentIndents a string by a specified number of spaces.
joinJoins elements of a list into a string with a delimiter.
lowerConverts a string to lowercase.
regexSearches a string using a regular expression.
regexallSearches a string using a regular expression and returns all matches.
replaceReplaces occurrences of a substring with another string.
splitSplits a string into a list of substrings.
startswithChecks if a string starts with a specified prefix.
strcontainsChecks if a string contains another substring.
strrevReverses a string.
substrReturns a substring from a string.
titleConverts the first character of each word in a string to uppercase.
trimTrim whitespace from a string
trimprefixTrim a prefix from a string
trimspaceTrim leading and trailing whitespace
trimsuffixTrim a suffix from a string
upperConverts a string to uppercase.

Collection Functions

alltrueReturns true if all elements in a list are true.
anytrueReturns true if any element in a list is true.
chunklistSplits a list into chunks of a specified size.
coalesceReturns the first non-null value in a list.
coalescelistReturns the first non-empty list in a list of lists.
compactRemoves null and empty string elements from a list.
concatConcatenates multiple lists into one list.
containsChecks if a value is in a list, set, or map.
distinctReturns a new list with duplicate elements removed.
elementReturns the element at a specified index in a list.
flattenFlattens a list of lists into a single list.
indexReturns the index of a value in a list.
keysReturns the keys of a map as a list.
lengthReturns the length of a string, list, or map.
listCreates a list from the arguments.
lookupLooks up a value in a map using a key.
mapCreates a map from a list of key-value pairs.
matchkeysReturns a map with only the specified keys.
mergeMerges maps together.
oneReturns true if only one element in a list is true.
rangeGenerates a sequence of numbers.
reverseReverses the order of elements in a list.
setintersectionReturns the intersection of two sets.
setproductReturns the Cartesian product of two or more sets.
setsubtractReturns the difference of two sets.
setunionReturns the union of two or more sets.
sliceExtracts a subsequence from a list.
sortSorts a list of strings or numbers.
sumReturns the sum of a list of numbers.
transposeTranspose a list of lists
valuesReturns the values of a map as a list.
zipmapCreates a map from two lists.

Encoding Functions

base64decodeDecodes a base64-encoded string.
base64encodeEncodes a string to base64.
base64gzipCompresses and then base64-encodes a string.
csvdecodeDecodes a CSV string into a list of maps.
jsondecodeDecodes a JSON string into a map or list.
jsonencodeEncodes a value as a JSON string.
textdecodebase64Decodes a base64-encoded string.
textencodebase64Encodes a string to base64.
urlencodeURL-encodes a string.
yamldecodeDecodes a YAML string into a map or list.
yamlencodeEncodes a value as a YAML string.

Filesystem Functions

abspathReturns the absolute path of a file or directory.
basenameReturns the last element of a path.
dirnameReturns the directory part of a path.
pathexpandExpands the tilde (~) in a file path.
fileReads the contents of a file.
fileexistsReturns true if a file exists.
filesetReturns a set of files matching a glob pattern.
filebase64Reads the contents of a file and base64-encodes it.

Date and Time Functions

formatdateFormats a timestamp into a string.
timeaddAdds a duration to a timestamp.
timecmpCompares two timestamps.
timestampReturns the current timestamp.

Hash and Crypto Functions

base64sha256Computes the SHA-256 hash of a string and base64-encodes the result.
base64sha512Computes the SHA-512 hash of a string and base64-encodes the result.
bcryptHashes a string using the bcrypt algorithm.
filebase64sha256Reads the contents of a file, calculates the SHA256 hash, and base64-encodes it.
filebase64sha512Reads the contents of a file, calculates the SHA512 hash, and base64-encodes it.
filemd5Reads the contents of a file and calculates the MD5 hash.
filesha1Reads the contents of a file and calculates the SHA1 hash.
filesha256Reads the contents of a file and calculates the SHA256 hash.
filesha512Reads the contents of a file and calculates the SHA512 hash.
md5Computes the MD5 hash of a string.
rsadecryptDecrypts data using an RSA private key.
sha1Computes the SHA-1 hash of a string.
sha256Computes the SHA-256 hash of a string.
sha512Computes the SHA-512 hash of a string.
uuidGenerates a random UUID.
uuidv5Generates a UUID using a name and namespace.

IP Network Functions

cidrhostCalculates the IP address of a host in a CIDR block.
cidrnetmaskCalculates the network mask of a CIDR block.
cidrsubnetCalculates a subnet address within a CIDR block.
cidrsubnetsSplits a CIDR block into multiple subnets.

Type Conversion Functions

canChecks if a value has a specific attribute or method.
nonsensitiveMarks a value as non-sensitive, allowing it to be displayed in logs.
sensitiveMarks a value as sensitive to avoid exposing sensitive information.
toboolConverts a value to a boolean.
tolistConverts a value to a list.
tomapConverts a value to a map.
tonumberConverts a string to a number.
tosetConverts a list to a set.
tostringConverts a value to a string.
tryAttempts to evaluate an expression and returns a default value on failure.